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Because you deserve
to learn from the best.

Today I am really joyful about photography. Not even six days since entering the course, I was able to take pictures in M mode and the photos turned out really nice. Thank you!
Jana Deep

12 years experience of lecturing in photography

10 years experience as a professional photographer

author of the most widely read photography e-book in Europe

author of the most successful online training course for photographers in Europe

over 15,000 photographers worldwide have purchased his online courses already

he can explain even the most complex concepts with absolute ease and simplicity


The year was 2005, and Josef was just months away from state examinations at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. He had played around for a few years with an amateur digital video camera. But he had one big dream:

To have a professional company recording balls, weddings, concerts, commercials, etc.

So he started his own business, flinging himself enthusiastically into the business world.

Right from his first jobs, he found that photographers were in greater demand than cameramen. So Josef altered his original dream of having a video studio, and instead became a photographer.

In 2007, he opened his first studio and began to organize evening and day courses in photography to pass on his experience. At that time he had no idea what a fateful step that would be. He could take the experience he gained as a lecturer of these courses, and turn it into perfectly functioning on-line training courses. It was in these very courses that he learned to teach. Indeed, shooting photos and teaching photography are two completely different professions. Thanks to many years of experience, he knew just what photographers mostly struggle with and how best to help them.

He worked twelve or more hours a day. Achievements and setbacks alternated and he occasionally considered winding down the business. His vision of how it all would be beautiful had long since faded.

He could barely cover the costs. And when he earned something, he spent it right away on needed equipment. His wife greatly sponsored the business by both her hard-earned money and her time. Without her will and support, it would never have achieved what it has today.

In 2010, his second son was born and a huge, "WOW" moment came. He realized that just "yesterday", he had held a same sized-baby as he was holding in his arms today, and now that baby was walking and talking. That "yesterday" was a year and half ago, when his first son was born.

Josef realized that blinded by the vision of "success", he had completely forgotten that life was not just about the career and current account balance.

His children became his greatest life's teacher.

By realizing this and stopping, he finally began to truly flourish.

Instead of thinking about money, he started thinking how he could truly help people around him.

In 2012, he founded the blog for photographers (www.blogfotografa.cz), which went on to become one of most  widely read photography blogs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To this day, it still helps beginners and intermediate photographers alike in both photography skills and motivation.

He wrote the first ever photography e-book in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and authored the first audio book on photography here too.

In terms of the sheer number of downloads, his e-books on the field of photography are absolutely the most successful in Central Europe. The record is held by the e-book "Secrets of Beautiful Pictures" with more than 100,000 downloads.

At the end of 2012, he was the first in the CR and SR to create an online course for photographers:

"How to Edit Photos in Adobe Photoshop.”

To bolster its spread, he and two other partners founded in 2013 the first online educational portal in the Czech and Slovakia "Courses for Joy" (www.kurzyproradost.cz).

Tens of thousands of students have undergone training through this portal, and it is one of the most successful of its kind in Central Europe.

Through all this, he managed in 2015 to produce another online course for photographers, The Joy of Photography. It soon became the most successful online course in Central Europe. Why? Because it simply works. And it works because it is simple.

In 2017, he successfully entered the Polish market. Since then, it has been helping Polish photographers. Josef is meanwhile producing more courses and writing more e-books, this time on shooting portraits, landscapes, macros and animals. That year saw the birth of his daughter Agnes, and Josef paused for a moment.

But just for a moment. Tests were being conducted in the background as to how people would accept his courses abroad.

And it turned out that they enjoy the same success as in his home country and in Slovakia. Therefore, Josef is now embarking on cooperation with several partners to help spread his courses worldwide.

We'll see what he’ll do next. We certainly have plenty to look forward to ;)

Hi Josef! On Thursday, I watched your broadcast online and bought "The Joy of Photography". On Friday, my first SLR arrived and I need you to write that after just one week, I’m shooting in M mode. Something I’d never even hoped for. Thanks to you, I truly am experiencing joy in photography.
Josef Cudrák
What you do is just fantastic. I shot until now only in automatic modes, and thanks to your course, I’m taking lots of exquisite photos in manual mode :-)))
Monika Hrmová
So this was the best course so far, unreal how easily I understood it all! I’ve also tried shooting in manual mode and compared these shots with automatically shot ones. Bingo! Results are so much better in manual mode! My return on investment has now multiplied.
Vojtěch Belluš
I went through the majority of the course over the weekend and I have to say you're seriously good. Perfectly, simply and logically explained and demonstrated. Just super. Though I’m no novice, and I’ve taken a series of courses, the investment into your course was certainly the best I've ever made.
Milan Sápar
Many thanks for the online course The Joy of Photography. In a word MAGNIFICENT. It’s one thing to know how to take great photos. But it’s another thing to have the talent, and might I say mainly the courage and desire, to explain how, it’s a wonderful thing. I’m utterly satisfied with it.
Rosťa Dvořák
I hesitated a little to purchase the course and went for it at the very last minute. I have several segments behind me now and I must say it is superb, very understandable, no technical terminology to confuse the budding photographer....I've tried out some of your tips and it truly does work like you say. I’m simply elated.
Václav Bárta
I can safely say that of all possible advice, instructions or publications, your course alone has brought me far better results. Thanks to you, I’m closer to my dream of being a top photographer.
Jaroslav Malaník
I would like to thank you for The Joy of Photography. I’ve made great strides thanks to it. I had not seen videos like yours where everything was explained clearly and plainly, no bells and whistles, just the things I need.
Marek Hádal
It’s not my custom to shed praise, but there’s no other way. Thank you for the time spent teaching me. I regret neither a minute nor a single penny. In just a few hours with you, people can learn more than at expensive workshops by large businesses.
Rosťa Kutěj
Josef, you have inspired me immensely. I agree with your philosophy and thinking. I’m just starting out, it’s clear what I must do and you’ve led me in the right direction...when there's a will there’s a way.
Pavel Večerek
Hello Josef, thank you for the course, and I very much look forward to the next. Your attitude is incredibly positive, that to me makes you unique even as a person, not just as a photographer. Thank you for the course, and I very much look forward to the next.
Jan Trnka
Good evening Josef, thank you for a great course. It reminded me of many things and encouraged me in others, it certainly jolted me again and I learned something new too... amazing
Martina Vlasáková
Hi Josef, you're a really good trainer, I learned many things from you, mainly to handle my SLR, and I enjoyed how you motivate new candidates towards their own creative approach.
Jan Šiman
I would really like to thank you so much. That is precisely what I needed. I do not regret a single penny.
The tips and advice, as well as the overall concept, surpassed my expectations.
Iva Kovářová
After a few videos, I knew that I would not regret a penny. This course taught me a lot. He taught me to set up my camera, understand its functions and to be able to gear up in any situation. He taught me to edit photos so that I get even more enjoyment out of them as I did before. Information itself is mere information. A lot depends on how it is disseminated. In this course, it was disseminated perfectly. I definitely recommend it to beginners and the advanced alike, basically anyone wanting to learn to shoot or already does, and who is hungry to experience greater joy from photography than ever before.
Lenka Chudiaková
Amazing, thank you for explaining. I’ve bought numerous books and none explained things so nice and clearly and simply as you have. Thank you :)
Laura Koubová