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Two colors that your photos simply must have.

Today’s brief article is about two colors. Colors, which you can rely on 100%. When you find them and take a picture, your photo will impress.  And not just you yourself. What colors am I talking about?

Well, it’s not so much about two specific colors as about a suitable combination of two colors. Check out the color wheel below this paragraph. It illustrates all the colors in the spectrum.

The point is that you just snap a scene composed of colors that are in this circle facing one another. These are contrasting colors (sometimes referred to as complementary colors).

Beautiful examples, and ones frequently occurring in our natural surroundings, are yellow and blue, and red and green. But certainly you can find more when out photographing.

If we take a photo where only contrasting colors appear, it almost doesn’t matter what we shoot and the photo will turn out nice. Check out some inspiring images composed only of contrasting colors.

So what do you say, the next time you shoot, will you try to take home some nice photos composed of contrasting colors?

 You can download this color wheel  and print it.  It will certainly help you when shooting. Try putting it up on the fridge or some other location where you’ll see it often. And soon, you’ll remember what colors are contrasting.


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