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What to photograph when the light and weather are less than perfect?

It is not a shame to shoot only at sunrise and sunset when the day has 24 hours?

Most definitely.

But what to photograph, if it’s neither the golden nor blue hour, and instead it is cloudy, foggy or vice-versa, too bright under the midday sun?

Intimate landscape photography. What do I mean by that?

Neither the whole nor any detail. Quite simply some interesting crop. This is something most photographers will not even notice.

These are intimate landscape photographs, which are perfectly suited for framing in our interiors.

And intimate landscape photographs are the very ones that any light and weather suit just fine.

When shooting these pictures, certainly leave out the background. That’s because the sky or e.g. trees in the background would pull the viewer’s attention away to somewhere you don’t want it to go.

The photographs would not be so close, so intimate.

So let’s head to the field.


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