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What’s the most powerful rule regarding composition?

I won’t leave you in suspense for long. Perhaps I would just mention that this rule is much more powerful than the rule of thirds. Whenever I have a choice between these two rules, I choose the former.

I’m talking about symmetry. Quite simply, people really dig symmetry.
The more perfect the symmetry, the better.

In many articles and books, we are told that center composition is the biggest mistake made by beginners. And that the Golden Rule is to be applied (or the Rule of Thirds). But the part they forgot to add is: “…provided the scene is not perfectly symmetrical…” And then if it is, symmetry is much stronger and far more attractive than thirds.

So the next time when out taking photos, you spot something interesting and symmetrical, remember my words and go right ahead and shoot it symmetrically.  Here are a few such photos for inspiration.
That’s because symmetry is all around us.

You just need sometimes to stop and look around. You’ll certainly find it.

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